About Us

Cogent Software, LLC was started in early 2015 with one focus, delivering projects on time and on budget. Our core competency is building custom web applications using Microsoft .NET technology. We have built applications ranging from custom ERP systems, online learning systems, business process and warehouse management systems all the way to e-commerce websites.

Our approach to software development might differ from other companies. We think a crucial part of the process is partnering up with our clients and keeping them engaged throughout the process. What does this mean exactly? Simple, we develop our software using an agile methodology and every few weeks after the project starts, we deploy the current progress to a staging site and review the project with your team. This allows your team to provide valuable feedback and input throughout the process and prevents costly rework mistakes along the way.

Regardless of your project size, we want to hear from you. Please contact us for a no obligation quote or to discuss your software project in more detail.


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